J.D. Micals Hits #1 on IndieWorld

with “Burn That Bridge” – www.JDMicals.com


by Donald M. Hart
Greenville, S.C. – donaldmhart.blogspot.com

J.D. Micals, a disc jockey that has introduced many new and up and coming country artists to the world of traditional country music, is out there setting the country charts on fire with his own style of traditional country music. In the past year, Micals has had hits on the IndieWorld country charts, with his latest song “Burn That Bridge” reaching the number one spot this week.

Micals got his start in the music business as a writer in the 1980s and his first hit, “Mom’s Old Wooden Chair”, which he wrote and recorded reached number 17. According to Micals, “this was just a fun little song that I sat down and wrote. I thought it had a great hook.” Obviously he was right.

His second hit came in the form of a duet with Heather Myles of an old Kris Kristofferson song, “Me and Bobby McGee”. It reached number 9 on the IndieWorld Country Charts. “I saw this song differently when I recorded it as a duet and I guess the people liked it as well,” Micals said.

When “Me and Bobby McGee” reached number 9, Pretty World Records released “Burn That Bridge” and it debuted at number 47. This made Micals the only artist with 2 records in the top 50 at the same time. “Burn That Bridge” also debuted at the same time at 65 on the Country Music Weekly Charts.

Micals has a unique approach to recording. Being a writer, he visualizes the songs before he sits down to do the recording. This helps him get a feel for the meaning behind the lyrics and enhances his ability to record in the traditional style of country music.

“I have been so blessed in many ways, said Micals. I thank Charlie Ammerman, CEO of Pretty World Records, who wrote “Burn That Bridge”. It was a last minute addition to Micals’ new album “J.D. Friends and Memories”.

J.D. said, “I especially want to thank all the radio stations, program directors, and disc jockeys who have been kind enough to play my music. Coming from the industry myself, I know they are inundated with material to play and giving this old cowboy a chance to have his music heard is a blessing and I’m very grateful for them. I also want to thank all the fans of traditional country music who have called and requested the songs and who keep the traditional sound alive.”

Micals album, “J.D. Friends and Memories”, which features “Burn That Bridge” is scheduled for release in the next couple of weeks. It has a number of duets, with such artists as: Heather Myles, Leon Everette, Jan Howard, Narvel Felts, Billy Joe Royal, Johnny Lee, and Leona Williams all who contribute to the finished project. According to Ammerman, this album has already had 2 hits and we are hoping for 2-3 more.